When Ned left William Morris in 1990 to open his own agency, his goal was to focus on really excellent writing and to be able to bring his personal attention to challenging, exciting and creative projects. Once on his own, a number of authors, both in fiction and non-fiction, came to him with projects distinguished by original, unique writing and cutting edge messages. A number of these books were in the areas of spirituality, creativity, alternative health and psychology. The agency was fortunate to see several of these books become major bestsellers. Ned is attracted to unusual fiction of all kinds and non-fiction with strong elements of soul and spirit. "I expect to always be involved with highly creative artists and soul journeyers – writers who explore and articulate all aspects of the soul’s journey – the light, the dark and all the colors in between. So whether it’s a breakthrough non-fiction book with a transformative impact or an exceptional novel, beautifully crafted with strong narrative integrity, if it has soul, it is what I am looking for."

A graduate of Harvard University with an MFA in theater from the University of Hawaii, Ned has been at times an actor, singer, cab driver, theatrical director, choral conductor, poker player, drummer, and vision quest guide.