Partial list of books represented by the Ned Leavitt Agency (in alphabetical order):

David Abram
Spell of the Sensuous (Pantheon/Vintage)

Jonis Agee
South of Resurrection (Viking)

Karen Alexander
A Gift from Daniel (Perigee)

Robert Alter
The Transformative Power of Crisis/How Long Till My Soul Gets it Right (HarperCollins)

Sherry Ruth Anderson
The Cultural Creatives (Harmony) co-author Paul Ray

Allen Appel
In Time of War (Carroll & Graf)
From Father to Son (St. Martin’s)

Marc Barasch
Remarkable Recovery (Riverhead) co-author Caryle Hirshberg
Healing Dreams (Riverhead)

Thomas Berry
The Universe Story (HarperCollins) co-author Brian Swimme

Joan Borysenko
Inner Peace for Busy People (Hay House)
Inner Peace for Busy Women (Hay House)
A Woman’s Journey to God (Riverhead)
A Woman’s Book of Life (Riverhead)

Paul Bowles
Morocco (Abrams) co-author Barry Brukoff

Gregg Braden
The Isaiah Effect (Harmony)
The God Code (Hay House)

Barry Brukoff
Morocco (Abrams) co-author Paul Bowles

Mary Ann & Frederic Brussat
Spiritual Literacy (Scribner)
Spiritual Rx (Hyperion)
100 More Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive (HarperSanFrancisco)

Sedonia Cahill
Wisdom Circles (Hyperion) co-authors Charles Garfield and Cindy Spring

Shawna Carol
The Way of Song (St. Martin’s)

Robin Casarjian
Forgiveness (Bantam)

Stephen Cope
Yoga and the Quest for True Self (Bantam)
The Wisdom of Yoga (Sounds True Audio)

Kenneth Cohen
The Way of Qigong (Ballantine)
Honoring the Medicine (Ballantine)

Mary Lou Cook
You Can Help Someone Who’s Grieving (Penguin) co-authors Diane Fisher & Victoria Frigo

David Cooper
God is a Verb (Riverhead)

Gayle Delaney
Sexual Dreams (Ballantine)

Kathleen DesMaisons
Potatoes Not Prozac (Simon & Schuster)
Your Last Diet (Ballantine)
Sugar Addicts (Ballantine)

Kat Duff
Alchemy of Illness (Pantheon)

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D
Women Who Run With the Wolves (Ballantine)
The Gift of Story (Ballantine)
The Faithful Gardener (HarperSanFrancisco)
Tales of the Brothers Grimm (Book of the Month Club)

Diane Fisher
You Can Help Someone Who’s Grieving (Penguin) co-authors Mary Lou Cook & Victoria Frigo

Matthew Fox
Original Blessing (Tarcher)
Confessions (HarperSanFrancisco)
Creativity (Tarcher)
Natural Grace (Doubleday Broadway) co-author Rupert Sheldrake
One River, Many Wells (Tarcher)
Prayer (Putnam)
A Reinvention of Work (HarperSanFrancisco)
Sheer Joy (Tarcher)
Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh (Harmony)

Victoria Frigo
You Can Help Someone Who’s Grieving (Penguin) co-authors Mary Lou Cook & Diane Fisher

Charles Garfield
Wisdom Circles (Hyperion) co-authors Cindy Spring and Sedonia Cahill

Dennis Gersten
Are You Getting Enlightened or Losing Your Mind? (Harmony)

Douglas Gillette
King Warrior Magician Lover (HarperSanFrancisco) co-author Robert Moore

Nancy Goodman
It Was Food vs. Me…And I Won (Viking/Penguin)

Michael Gurian
The Prince and the King (Tarcher)
Mother, Sons and Lovers (Shambhala)

Joseph Jastrab
Sacred Manhood Sacred Earth (HarperCollins)

Kristi Jorde
Child of Eternity (Ballantine)

Sam Keen
Fire in the Belly (Bantam)
Love and Be Loved (Bantam)
Hymns to an Unknown God (Bantam)
Learning to Fly (Broadway)

Tama Kieves
This Time I Dance! (Tarcher)

Judy Kramer
Changing Places (Riverhead)

Gregg Levoy
Callings (Harmony)

Michael Meade
Men and the Water of Life (HarperSanFrancisco)

Bruce Moody
Will Work for Food or $ (Red Wheel/Weiser)

Robert Moore
King Warrior Magician Lover (HarperSanFrancisco) co-author Douglas Gillette

Caroline Myss
Sacred Contracts (Harmony)
Anatomy of the Spirit (Harmony)
Invisible Acts of Power (Free Press)
Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can (Harmony)
Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice (Sounds True Audio)

Christiane Northrup, M.D.
The Wisdom of Menopause (Bantam)

David Payne
Gravesend Light (Doubleday)
Ruin Creek (Doubleday)

Peter Pitzele
Our Fathers’ Wells (HarperCollins)

Robert Powell
Meditations on the Tarot (Tarcher) translator/editor

Martin Prechtel
Long Life, Honey in the Heart (Tarcher)
Secrets of the Talking Jaguar (Tarcher)

Paul Ray
The Cultural Creatives (Harmony) co-author Sherry Anderson

David Rosen
Transforming Depression (Penguin)
The Tao of Jung

Ellen Rothman
White Coat (William Morrow)

Harvey Sachs
The Letters of Arturo Toscanini (Knopf)
Rubenstein: A Life (Grove Press)

Joseph Sharp
Living our Dying (Hyperion)

Rupert Sheldrake
Natural Grace (Doubleday) co-author Matthew Fox

Anne and Charles Simpkinson
Sacred Stories (ed, HarperSanFrancisco)
Nourishing the Soul (ed, HarperSanFrancisco)

Kathleen Dowling Singh
The Grace in Dying (HarperSanFrancisco)

Nancy Slotnick
Cablight On: Find the One in 6 Months or Less (Gotham, Winter 2006)

Malidom Somé
The Healing Wisdom of Africa (Tarcher)
Ritual (Penguin Arkana)

Sobonfu Somé
Welcoming Spirit Home (New World Library)
The Spirit of Intimacy (William Morrow)

David Spangler
Apprenticed to Spirit (Riverhead)
Blessing (Riverhead)
Everyday Miracles: The Inner Art of Manifestation
Parent as Mystic, Mystic as Parent (Riverhead)
The Call (Riverhead)

Cindy Spring
Wisdom Circles (Hyperion) co-authors Charles Garfield and Sedonia Cahill

Clark Strand
Seeds from a Birch Tree (Hyperion)
The Wooden Bowl (Hyperion)

Gail Straub
Rhythm of Compassion (Tuttle)
Circle of Compassion (Tuttle)

Brian Swimme
The Universe Story (HarperSanFrancisco) co-author Brian Swimme

Lawrence Thornton
Imagining Argentina (Doubleday)
Sailors on the Inward Sea (Free Press)
Naming the Spirits (Doubleday)
Tales from the Blue Archives (Doubleday)
Ghost Woman (University of California Press)
Under the Gypsy Moon (Doubleday)

Jacques Vallee
Revelations (Ballantine)
UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union (Ballantine)

William Weaver
translator of Umberto Eco, Italo Calvino, Luigi Pirandello, Alberto Moravia, and Pope John Paul XXIII
A Tent in this World (McPherson)

David Whyte
The Heart Aroused (Doubleday)
Crossing the Unknown Sea (Riverhead)

Richard Yates (Estate)
Revolutionary Road (foreign rights)
Collected Stories
(Henry Holt)
A Good School
(Henry Holt)
The Easter Parade (Henry Holt)
A Special Providence (Henry Holt)
Disturbing the Peace (foreign rights)
Eleven Kinds of Loneliness (foreign rights)
Young Hearts Crying (foreign rights)